Monday, March 8, 2010

Easily Clear the cache and cookies in your PC with CCleaner

Hello writers,

Use this software The latest version download can be seen on the right side on the web page. Download and install it on your computers.

It is nice software to clear the cache and cookies with just 2 clicks. After installing the software, double click on the icon and launch the software. First click on 'Analyze' button, and then click on 'Run Cleaner' Button. It will ask you of you need backup. You can ignore that part, and run the CCleaner.

Please clear your cache and cookies frequently with this software to ensure that your machines run faster. It will also keep your systems virus free to some extent.

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The easiest way to ensure the originality of your articles

The Link to download the WCopyfind software:

WCopyfind Download Link -

Note: Save the exe file to your Desktop (You can right click and use the option "Save target As" to save the file to your desktop)

Installing the software:

Note: Create a new folder in C drive and name it WCopyfind in order to ensure that you do get any problems while installing the software. If it still gives you installation problems, create another folder called Report inside the WCopyfind folder in C drive. Normally you shouldn't find any other problems while running the instalation.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties with installing and using this software.

Preparing the Dump File:

When you are collecting the information from various websites and blogs for creating your articles, copy the entire text from the web-pages to a notepad.

Note: Copying into the notepad is recommended because it eliminates all the hyperlinks and the images from the website contents and it will give you only the text.

Now copy the entire notepad contents into a word document. Save the word document as Dump.doc.

This way you will have a word document with all the website contents which you refer to while researching the information.

Remember to save the Dump.doc document after pasting all the contents of the website researches from the notepad. Also remember to paste more text in the dump file if you have to research further for writing the articles.

Very Important: Even if you refer to 1 single line in any web-page, make sure that you copy the entire referred paragraph to your dump file Via Notepad. Make sure that you submit only the articles that are thoroughly checked with Wcopyfind software. Articles with copy and paste sentences will be rejected.

Note: You can use that Dump file for all your future works. All you'll need to do is delete the contents and update them with the new ones, as you keep rsearching for information in your future articles.

After writing your article, you can then use the WCopyfind software to compare your written article with that Dump document.

Please be reminded that WCopyfind is a software for comparing 2 Word Documents for originality.

You will immediately find the copy paste phrases and you can easily make the necessary corrections.

Using the Wcopyfind software:

Very Very Important:

* Keep the "Shortest Phrase To Match" = "4" (By default, it will be 6)
* "Fewest Matches To Report" = "1" (By default, it will be 100)
* Check on (Select) the "Ignore all Punctuation" Option

Please remember that the settings will go back to default everytime you start the application. Please make sure that you reset them everytime you launch the software.

Leave the remaining software options as default without making any changes.

Once you run the software, you will get to see 2 boxes. Double click on one box and browse for the Dump file, which is created from all the websites you've refered for writing the article, and then Double click on the other box to browse for the article written by you. You could also Drag and Drop the files to those respective boxes. It is much faster that way.

Now, Hit the RUN button.

You will immediately find al the copy paste phrases, and then you can easily make the necessary corrections.

Use the side by side option (Link) to look for copy pasted phrases. The copy pasted phrases will appear in red fonts.

If you do not have any copy paste phrases in your article, the result page will not give you any links on that page. This means that your article is Original.

This is one of the easiest ways to ensure the originality of your article.

Happy writing my friends

Thanks and regards,